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An association formed in public and called “Associazione Pro Loco di Panza d’Ischia APS”.

The Pro Loco puts together all persons (Members) who wants to work actively for the purpose of co-ordinating the activities of promoting and protecting the territory of the community through the valorization of the historical, artistic, cultural, natural and social features of the locality (Commune or Fractional Capital) of Panza and Forio. Favoring the improvement of the lives of its residents.

The Pro Loco, a private law entity constituted on a voluntary basis, has no profit purpose, its members work in favor of it in a voluntary manner, according to an internal system inspired by the principles of democracy, gratuity of office and transparency of budgets. The possibility of joining shall be allowed to any citizens of the locality.

The Pro Loco is apolitical and non-partisan.

The Pro Loco shares the goals that are inspired by the U.N.P.L.I. (Unione Nazionale Pro Loco d’Italia).


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Piazza San Leonardo, 1
Tel. +39 081 90 84 36
Mob. +39 331 809 55 40


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